AIRtime Application, Jesse Pearlman Karlsberg

Work Samples

  1. Azariah: Whom Jehovah Helps. A participatory shape note singing held on March 4, 2006 at the Old Songs Community Art Center, Voorheesville, NY.
  2. Under Island at the CAC. A participatory singing school and performance held on November 11, 2005 at the Contemporary Artists Center, North Adams, MA. Collaboration with Carrie Dashow.
    • Visit the project page for Under Island to listen to a sound recording of the Under Island singing, including recordings of songs, and singing instruction, and for a description of the project.
  3. Rapture/Rupture. A mixed media installation with four-channel sound and text. Solo exhibition for the "Elevator Music" series at the Tang Museum in Saratoga Springs, NY, June 25-October 26, 2005.